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Rainwater Tanks

3P Technik UK Rainwater Tanks


We supply a wide range of above ground rainwater tanks, including designer waterbutts ranging from 230L to 500L and rain tanks that have a capacity of up to 1500L rainwater storage capacity. Please email us or call us for any questions regarding our rain tank systems, rain tanks and waterbutts.

Wall Tank3P Wall Tank - 800 Litres Rain Tank Systems
3P Rain Tank System - 1600 Litres
Utility Tank3P Utility Tank System - 1500 Litres


Utility Tank Systems3P Utility Tank System - 1500 Litres Noblesse3P Noblesse Water Butt - 270L Column Tank3P Column Water Butt - 300 and 500 Litres


3P Water Butt Tuscan - 275 Litres
3P Rustico Water Butt - 275


3P Evergreen Water Butt - 475 Litres

3P Finesse Water Butt - 300 Litres
3P Maurano Water Butt - 300 Litres
3P Arcado Water Butt - 230, 360 and 460 Litres


Water-wall Helena
3P Helena Water Butt - 300 Litres
3P Barrique Water Butt - 270 Litres


Evergreen Lite3P Evergreen Lite Water Butt - 300 Litres Timberly

3P Timberly Water Butt - 200 Litres


Little Tree3P Little Tree Water Butt - 250 Litres
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