We are the only Trade Only supplier to the UK and Ireland
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3P Technik UK supplies the widest single range of rainwater harvesting filters and components. In fact, we supply everything for a RWH system but the underground tank. All from UK stock. And all backed by our class leading service, technical advice and after sales support systems.

We are the only Trade Only supplier to the UK and Ireland.

3P means continuous innovation. Every year sees new developments.  Notable highlights include the 3P Hydrosystem range of fully DiBT approved storm water filtration systems. Our garden range of rain tanks and accessories is also continually updated.
We build and program a variety of “white label” sophisticated controllers here in Wales. Please contact us for details. Details are not on this website.

We have been developing and manufacturing rainwater harvesting products since 1990.


Rainwater harvesting is a key way to save water and part of the way to manage water resources. We are all aware of the challenges that face us with climate change, droughts and the consequences of flooding.

Sustainable drainage systems are the key to managing future impacts associated with water scarcity and flooding. As these have developed, so has our awareness to also manage the quality of site runoff, not just the quantity.

To protect both the ground water and surface water from dangerous and harmful substances, different processes have been developed in our products. One of them is the 3P Hydrosystem which filters out contaminants within a small space saving footprint.

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